Gulikit Dock For Nintendo Switch

Gulikit Dock For Nintendo Switch

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Product Description

  • Super Compact and Portable Dock for the Nintendo Switch
  • Perfect industry design,magnetic cover block makes it compact as a whole.
  • Super portable design allows to just put it into pocket.
  • Support 4K,1080P and 720P video output (Nintendo Switch only supports 1080P).
  • Air outlets keep your Switch cooling well.
  • Easy switch to TV and tabletop mode.
  • Extra USB3.0 port for USB wired controller,controller adapter.
  • Big anti-slip mat,stable stand.
  • Conform to USB-C PD protocol,support original Switch adapter and other 5V/3A adapters.
  • FLASH architecture design,firmware upgradeable for Switch new system.
  • Support smart phones as a dock for charging and video output from smart phones to TV or projector.
  • No bricking worry and 1 year warranty.

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